About Us

LINKDESKS PTE. LTD. is located in 8 Temasek Boulevard Suntec Tower 3 #32-01A Singapore 038988, mainly engaged in computer network technology, computer hardware and software technology, computer information technology, electronic technology and other aspects.

The company is committed to creating sophisticated casual handheld games to make players' free time more colorful. The company has published a number of educational and casual games on Google Play and Apple Store, which are widely acclaimed for their high quality level design, beautiful graphics, cool special effects and a variety of activities to play. Among them, Jewel Match Blast, a point-and-click game, was officially released on Huawei App Gallery and gained momentum upon its launch.

The company formed the Bubble Shooter team and conducted meticulous market and user research from the early stage of the project, and finally decided to produce a casual puzzle game with classic bubble shooter gameplay combined with Norse mythology as the background mainline. During the development process of the game, the team exchanged and discussed with each other, constantly improving and optimising the values in order to achieve the best bubble shooting feel. During the epidemic, the team members worked from home, and the company not only gave each employee medical care and materials, but also communicated with each employee in a timely manner through remote video, ensuring work efficiency while the game project was progressing in an orderly manner. With the development of the global mobile game market, the overseas market has become the second battlefield for domestic manufacturers to compete, especially in Europe and the United States, and the fierce competition is enough to show the huge attraction of this market. Compared to the traditional single bubble shooter, the game innovatively combines other gameplay methods, such as card functions, Monopoly and whack-a-mole, adding to the fun and playability of the game with rich and varied activities. As the game continued to be developed and the growth of new users reached a certain level, the development of the game faced a bottleneck. the project team leaders and members in time to find further directions for optimisation, carried out differentiated localisation work for different markets to make the game more in line with the culture and preferences of local users, and continuously polished it to improve the retention of users, so that the development of the game was further enhanced. With exquisite graphics, attention to detail and cool animation effects, the high quality game is loved by players around the world.

Come Into Us
LINKDESKS PTE. LTD. focuses on long-running casual games for the overseas market, enhancing users' quality of life through casual games, allowing them to release stress and develop their intellect at the same time. In terms of development trend, we are in a sunrise industry: as people's material conditions become richer and richer, the pursuit of spiritual entertainment will also become higher and higher.

The atmosphere there is relaxed and enjoyable, the overall age structure of the staff is relatively young, and most of the youngsters are game enthusiasts. The company culture values equal communication, and everyone is very comfortable and communicates smoothly, both at work and during breaks.
The process of "report progress - find problems - propose solutions" is very streamlined, and after a quick discussion with leaders or colleagues, there is basically substantial progress on the work at hand.

In our WeChat group, apart from important announcements and feedback on day-to-day matters, we also have some very interesting conversations in the group, and it becomes a source of happiness for us during work.
Corporate Culture
Link world with joy games!
LINKDESKS PTE. LTD., a collective of talents with high capabilities, young and energetic. Inspired by a corporate culture of Innovation, Excellence and Practicability, we are dedicated to creating awesome games that players worldwide love, bringing joy to the world.
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Practicability
Great people gather in a creative environment to play, discuss and inspire fantastic ideas to craft brilliant games that grab the attention of the masses and the minds of players, bringing countless joyful moments to every player's daily life.
Our culture is our booster, helping us arrive to the next level after another.
We take smart risks, we keep learning, progressing and becoming a better team!